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My name is Marc Niola and I’m a User eXperience (UX) leader well-versed in all aspects of User Centered Design Principles, Goal-Directed Design Techniques and Persuasive Design Axioms.

Conscious that most requirements are usually assumptions until proven otherwise, validation through customer research, observation and testing is what I aim for when designing solutions.

Modus Operandi

My Enterprise UX Process

The below process is intended for large teams with complex projects. From my experience, working with cross functional teams, establishing shared understanding on product objectives and customer needs both early and consistency through the project life-cycle helps align the team to design targeted, successful solutions.


My process aims to involve multiple team members iterate incrementally towards various customer validation sessions across the design life-cycle. This process is not one size fits all. However it does help me see the big picture when I'm in the weeds. That said I can adjust to almost any in-house process.


My portfolios are password protected. If you would like to view my work please contact me for a portfolio password.

However, if you are not interested in attaining a password I have a few work samples on my LinkedIn profile here.

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Marc Niola


Interested in working together? Drop me a line, I am currently accepting challenging projects from startups, agencies and SME.


If you just want to connect and talk shop, you can catch me at my monthly UX meetup NYC UX Acrobatics.